About Us

On the CBS television show The Doctors, Dr. Jennifer Berman, Dr. Lisa Masterson, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, and Dr. Rachael Ross wear CRITICALCouture coats (including our custom Button Belt with extra darting).


CRITICALCouture was conceived by a physician with a lifelong interest in fashion and design for the benefit of female health care practitioners.

From the beginning of medical school, the co-founder was disappointed with the poor design and construction of women’s white doctor coats. After years of unsuccessful searching for a high quality, well-designed, and fitted coat, she designed her own. With assistance from her family, CRITICALCouture was created.

The mission of CRITICALCouture is to provide well-designed, well-constructed stylish women’s white coats that reflect the dedication, quality, and professionalism of health care providers.

Dr. DN seen here models the CRITICALCouture coat (with the Tie-Belt).